Will this project privatise any existing or new trails?

In short, no! All existing and proposed new trails will remain open for unrestricted public use. New trails will simply add to the existing trail network, with no obligation for riders to utilise the uplift or related services.

Why the Meehan Range?

The Meehan Range has a number of characteristics that make it a great location for mountain biking, including but not limited to; proximity to Hobart, elevation, good soil type and quality terrain. Despite possessing some of the best opportunities for trail development in Greater Hobart, challenges with planning and funding have not seen this potential realised. The Meehan Range provides fantastic year-round riding opportunities that will complement other mountain bike opportunities in Hobart.

When will the bike park open?

We are working towards an open date in late 2020.

I would like a job on your team, how do I apply?

Recruitment will commence in coming months. To stay up to date join our mailing list below.

How will you manage the environmental impacts of this project?

The project will require a number of approvals, including a comprehensive environmental survey and management plan, which will be prepared by specialist consultants. A number of measures will be employed to ensure that the project does not have any adverse effects on the environment. All trails will be built to best practice standards.

Will the uplift road affect any existing trails?

While we haven’t determined a final alignment for the uplift road yet, the proposed road location does not cross or affect any existing or proposed new trails.

What style of trails are proposed?

The final location and style of trails will be determined following stakeholder and community consultation. The project will focus on beginner-intermediate standard trails in the first instance.

Are you modifying any existing trails?

No, the project does not propose to modify any existing trails.